Original landscapes collection and fine art prints coming in late April/early May 2024 .

About the Artist


Eleanor Scott Davis is an abstract expressionist painter based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She attended Wake Forest University where she studied English and Studio Art. She went on to earn a Masters of Fine Art in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry. While the written word remains a passion, Eleanor Scott ultimately chose to forgo the pen for a paintbrush. She is attracted to abstract art because, like poetry, it leaves the door open for individual interpretation.


Eleanor Scott considers her artistic process to be directly linked to her role as a mother. Joining her in her bright studio, you will often find one (or all three!) of her daughters. She is frequently pulled away mid-brushstroke by the needs of her children and has come to value these moments of distraction as a tool that strengthens her art, forcing her to step away, evaluate and return with fresh eyes. The result is a deeply-layered, richly-textured, and multidimensional use of color. She considers her work a chronicle of motherhood: a balance of energy, chaos, unpredictability and pure joy.

Eleanor Scott’s paintings have been featured in numerous publications and can be found in homes and corporate collections across the United States.


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